Electronic enclosures are box-like structures that are designed to protect, contain, and enclose electronic components such as switches,relays, printed circuit boards (PCB), integrated circuits, power supplies, processors, etc. They can be made from different material typesat different materials and sizes, depending on the usage, purpose, environment, design, cost, etc. 

Our electronic and electrical engineers work directly with clients to come up with a structure that meets our customer productrequirements and at the same time a design that protects the entire device from the harm it can cause to the environment andother negative effects associated with uncovered components.


Cutting Edge Technology

One Mold Different Designs



Gain advantage on the

application of Advanced

Automated Manufacturing

Industry manned seasoned and highly skilled Automotive and Mechanical Design Engineers.

Take the advantage of paying

for one mold that can produce multiple unique designs thus

saves on cost for the long run.

Rugged product that can

withstand moisture and harsh working environment by

utilizing high quality materials.

Prioritizing uniqueness and 

style, every customers’

branding is highly recognized

and adapted to the product.

From concept into an actual product, we turn your ideas into reality.