Customized and Optimized Design


Our team of graphic design engineers utilizes the latest software tools to create vector files in CDR format that are customized to meet the customer's specific requirements, including corporate branding, logo, and color scheme. We also take into account other unique features that are essential in creating a keypad overlay that is both distinctive and exclusive to the customer. The design of the keypad outline and configuration is tailored to the customer's needs, as well as the selected enclosure design, indicator elements such as backlighting using LED and feedback options, including tactile or non-tactile response and sounds.

Types Of Membrane



Technologies include domed membrane switch, silicon, and mechanical switch constructions.. From high-quality metal snap domes to stainless steel domes, depending on the application, time constraint and cost, we provide a variety of choices for our customers. Technologies include domed membrane switch, silicon, and mechanical switch constructions.


Technologies include capacitive, infrared, and flat resistive switch constructions. Non-tactile are used in applications where a thin profile is more valuable than feedback.

Range of Materials to choose from


Optimized Design

With our experienced engineers, we offer our client an optimum keypad design that suited best for the overall device requirement. We offer solutions for seamless device’s menu navigation, cost-effective high-volume printing capability for graphics and conductive circuits.

We have a broad range of membrane switch constructions. We expertly guide our customers through membrane switch material selection to help achieve the best balance of cost and performance.