Fully Equipped Facility

We produce all of our printed circuit board assemblies in-house using our advanced SMT equipment, allowing us to maintain complete control over the entire manufacturing process. By leveraging our in-house capabilities, we are able to work quickly and efficiently, minimizing the time and costs associated with outsourcing. Our skilled design team is able to oversee the entire process, ensuring that each assembly meets our high standards for quality and performance. This approach allows us to deliver exceptional products to our customers while maintaining the flexibility to customize our services to meet their unique needs.



     ✔ PCB layout services

     ✔ Single and double-sided PCB

     ✔ Multilayer PCB, up to 16 layers

     ✔ Provide RoHS, Reach, UL PCB bare boards

     ✔ Printed circuit board (PCB), rigid board/flexible board manufacturing services

     ✔ Laser Stencil

     ✔ Provide PCBA service from prototyping to mass production

     ✔ Electrical Test

     ✔ Selective wave soldering

     ✔ Undertake a small number of multi-layer high-precision high-complicate board manufacturing and assembly service