Product Realization

From schematic diagram to PCB layout, our skilled PCB design engineers expertly arrange the physical layout of electrical components, ensuring that they adhere to the physical constraints outlined in the mechanical design of the enclosure.

Bill of Materials


From customers technical requirements and schematic diagram, we provide comprehensive Bill of Materials showing the complete information of each component to be used in the design for the customers confirmation. This includes part numbers, suppliers and costs to give our clients data for evaluation and to give them options to choose from. This then will result in an optimized PCB Design.

PCB Design


Our design process begins by utilizing the conceptual top-level schematic provided by the customer, which outlines the overall design principles, functionality, and individual component interfaces. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of the customer's requirements and preferences for the product. To ensure that the final design meets the customer's specific needs, we work closely with them to identify the ideal locations for key components, such as the printer, LCD, external cable provision, and card slot provision. By carefully considering the placement of each component, we can create a design that maximizes functionality and efficiency while meeting the customer's unique specifications.

PCB Assembly

There are two methods for PCB Assembly:

1. Thru-Hole Technologyis an assembly process which electronic components called leads are attached into a PCB through drilled holes. It is an older technology but creates a stronger connection between the board and the components, which makes for more durable and reliable assemblies.

2. Surface-mount technology (SMT) is an assembly process where electronic components are mounted to the surface of a PCB. It is highly automated and flexible, and it allows for higher connection densities. It enables manufacturers to place complex circuitries into small components.

Provision of Services

1. Full Contracting Services, while the customer provides ideas, we are responsible for software development, hardware development (schematic diagram/PCB layout/component selection), structural design, process planning optimization, and product certification.

2Semi Contracting Services,  when the cutomer has PCB Designer Engineering team, through our expertise, we can provide assistance in designing software, hardware, structure, component selection or replacement, DFM, process planning and optimization, process automation, and automated testing equipment design in one or several aspects.