From your device to be tested to your tester or any diagnostic electronic tool, we provide transmission solution that is efficient and can withstand repeated use. Turning your transmission issues into a minimalist cable which solves it all. Our team of AutoCAD and diagnostic cable specialists is skilled in creating bespoke connectors with pinout connection cables that enable seamless data transmission between automotive devices and vehicles.



Our AutoCAD and diagnostic cable experts design customized connector with pinout connection cable for data transmission from the automotive device to vehicles.

For OEM brands, we make sure that the cables we design are unique and not available in the market. Our customized design includes private branding logo, cable sleeve of any color, PCB assembly, and exclusive mold/case design.



We have our own NPI (New Product Introduction) team/program whose role is solely to develop and launch new or improved innovative products.

We have designed a unique and conventional OBD Adapter which rotates 360 degrees to allow flexible connections between tight spaces. This provides ease and convenience during testing and tuning.


We have our seasoned Automotive Engineer always ready to provide alternative solutions that are efficient and economical.